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A New Home for Krishna

Please Help Us Buy a Temple

• In the late 1960s, the first devotees come to Berlin

• The King of Puri, Gajapati Dibyasingha Deb, visits Berlin

in the mid-90s and gifts two sets of Jagannatha Deities to


• ISKCON could not find a proper place for Jagannatha in the

last 25 years, now is the time to buy the perfect property

• The temple room and the kitchen are too small

• There is no dedicated room for children and no

pujari room

• An 8 sqm space is used for storage, hosting guests,

as changing room and playroom for children

• Neighbours are upset and call the police

The King of Puri visits Berlin, 1995

Visit by Boy George, 1992

ISKCON’s ​History in Berlin

Current ​Obstacles

Our Vision

• Regular worship and events in the new temple/

traditional ISKCON programmes

• Classical ISKCON activities throughout the city:

harinam, book distribution, Ratha-yatra

• Establishing a prasadam business in a commercial-grade

kitchen (catering, food truck, sweets)

• Using the seminar room to build bridges with training,

coaching, yoga, astrology, etc.

• Running costs will be covered by rent from residential

space and seminar rooms, and prasadam distribution

• Programmes for children and youth

• Outreach with Kirtan Berlin

• Establishing an online store

• Weddings, homas, yajnas

• Inviting and working with young international travellers

and volunteers

The New ​Property

The new place we want to purchase would have all the facilities needed to present Krishna consciousness and have programmes for different audiences in a relevant way without being restricted by neighbours.

It is located in a popular but peaceful part of the city, which is not far from the centre and trendy neighbourhoods of Berlin and good to reach by public transport.


• Large temple room

• Additional seminar room

• Guest rooms

• Room for children

• House for renting out to devotees ​• Ashram

• Large professional kitchen

• Storage space

• Garden and backyard

Fundraising ​Project

Total ​Budget


Budget Purchase



Purchase price


Real estate transfer tax



€21,750 Fees for notary

public and registry of deeds


Purchase price

€500,000 Extension

(penthouse seminar & guest rooms)

€350,000 Extension of the

residential/guesthouse building

€300,000 Temple



Real estate transfer tax





€21,750 Fees for notary

public and registry of deeds

Budget ​Renovations


€500,000 Extension (penthouse seminar & guest rooms)

€350,000 Extension of the

residential/guesthouse building

€300,000 Temple




So the Berlin temple will be one of

the most important centers in Europe, and I hope that in the future we will

be able to train many

Germans who are very intelligent personalities in the European countries.

Srila Prabhupada, September 14, 1968

Why Having

a Temple in ​Berlin Matters

• Germany’s capital is by far the country’s biggest

city with a population of nearly 4 million

• The city is a European and global trendsetter with

a unique history and cultural attractions

• An enormous interest in yoga and an alternative

lifestyle offers a vast potential

• Berlin has a large and quickly growing Indian


• The metropolis attracts a curious, cosmopolitan,

and conscious crowd from all over the world







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